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EPR 317 - Polyvinyl chloride homopolymer resin from Japan, Korea, USA

Goods Covered by the Application

Polyvinyl chloride homopolymer resin (PVC). PVC is a white powder produced by the polymerisation of vinyl chloride monomer ("VCM"). PVC can be manufactured through a suspension process or a mass process, and the final goods are considered to be similar and interchangeable.

Paste (or emulsion), compound grades and recycled PVC are excluded from the measures.

Case Information  
Case type Revocation Review
Initiation date 06 November 2015
Applicant Chemiplas Australia Pty Ltd
Tariff classification 3904.10.00 (statistical code 18)

Public Record Documents

The public record EPR 317 includes non-confidential versions of the documents such as the application, submissions, questionnaire responses, Commission visit reports and letters.

Key Dates

Event Date Status
Initial Submissions Due 16 December 2015 Open
Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) 24 February 2016 Published
Submissions to SEF due 20 days after 24 February 2016  
Final Recommendation to the Parliamentary Secretary no later than 11 April 2016  
Parliamentary Secretary's Decision Expected Within 30 days of receiving the recommendation Published

Contacts for this Investigation

Case Manager: el +61 3 9244 8268
Fax: 1300 882 506 or +61 2 6275 6888 (outside Australia

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