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619 - Aluminium extrusions from China

Aluminium extrusions that:

  • are produced by an extrusion process;
  • are of alloys having metallic elements falling within the alloy designations published by The Aluminium Association commencing with 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 or 7 (or proprietary or other certifying body equivalents);
  • have finishes being:
    • as extruded (mill);
    • mechanically worked;
    • anodized; or
    • painted or otherwise coated, whether or not worked;
  • have a wall thickness or diameter greater than 0.5 mm;
  • have a maximum weight per metre of 27 kilograms; and
  • have a profile or cross-section fitting within a circle having a diameter of 421 mm.

Further information

The goods include aluminium extrusion products that have been further processed or fabricated to a limited extend, after aluminium has been extruded through a die. For example, aluminium extrusion products that have been painted, anodised, or otherwise coated, or worked (e.g. precision cut, machined, punched or drilled) fall within the scope of the goods. 
The goods subject to the anti-dumping measures do not include intermediate or finished products that are processed or fabricated to such an extent that they no longer possess the nature and physical characteristics of an aluminium extrusion but have become a different product.

Further information on the goods can be found in the initiation ADN below.

Case information
Applicant Qingyuan XinYueYa Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd Tariff Classification 7604.10.00 (statistical code 06)
7604.21.00 (statistical code 07,08)
7604.29.00 (statistical code 09,10)
7608.10.00 (statistical code 09)
7608.20.00 (statistical code 10)
7610.10.00 (statistical code 12)
7610.90.00 (statistical code 13)
Review Period 01 Jan 2022 to 31 December 2022 Injury Examination Period N/A
Contacts for this investigation

Case Manager:

Tel: (02) 6276 1599

Mailing address: The Director - Investigations 4
Anti-Dumping Commission
GPO Box 2013
Canberra ACT 2601
Key Dates
Commencement Date 13 April 2023 Initial submissions due 22 May 2023
Final recommendation due no later than 03 July 2023 Minister's decision expected Within 30 days of receiving the recommendation

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