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Overseas engagement

We have Counsellors located in 6 key overseas regions. They:

  • assist our department and its portfolio agencies across a range of policies and programs
  • strengthen our overseas networks and promote Australia’s capabilities in the industry, resources, innovation, science and research sectors
  • engage with host country governments, other key partner countries, businesses, peak bodies and research organisations
  • form and maintain relationships with these stakeholders to promote our key policies and programs
  • look for common interests and possible linkages.

The Counsellors advise the Australian Government about key initiatives in their host countries. They also support visiting Australian Ministers and departmental staff and represent us at key engagements and events.


Our Counsellors are based in the Australian Embassy in Beijing.

China is a key partner for Australian industry, resources and science. It is Australia’s largest export destination, mainly due to resources exports. Australia is China’s third highest research co-publication partner behind the US and UK.

Key priorities

  • Supporting trade and investment under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.
  • Promoting collaboration through forums such as the Australia China Bilateral Dialogue on Resources and Energy Cooperation and the Australia-China Joint Coordination Group on Clean Coal Technology.
  • Supporting bilateral engagement through the Australia-China Science and Research Fund and establishing an Australia-China Dialogue on innovation.


Esther Harvey
Phone + 86 10 5140 4777
Esther Harvey biography [225 KB PDF] [1 MB DOCX]

Jess Brown
Phone +86 10 5140 4131
Jess Brown biography [69KB PDF] [22KB]


Our Counsellor is based in the Australian Embassy and Mission to the European Union in Brussels and in the Australian Embassy in Paris.

Australia’s relationship with Europe is deep-rooted, vast and profound. The European Union (EU) is Australia's:

  • second largest two-way trading partner
  • largest source of foreign investment
  • largest science and innovation collaboration partner.

Australia and the EU also have a convergence of views on many global economic issues. We cooperate in promoting international prosperity in a range of forums, including the OECD.

Key priorities

  • Increasing economic and policy connections in the areas of science, technology, innovation, energy and resources.
  • Collaborating in areas such as low emissions technologies, hydrogen, critical minerals, artificial intelligence, digital economy, space and astronomy.
  • Representing Australia at OECD Committees on energy, climate, science, innovation, entrepreneurship and digital economy.


Sarah Brown – Brussels
Phone + 32 02 286 0589
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Kris McCoy – Paris
Phone +33 01 40 56 33 16


Our Counsellor will be based in the Australia High Commission in New Delhi from September 2021.

India is an important strategic partner to Australia in science, critical technology, space, critical minerals, resources and energy. India is Australia’s eighth largest trading partner and a critical market for our coal, copper, natural gas and mining services. Export opportunities for Australia are growing as India looks to:

  • increase uptake of renewable energy and natural gas
  • become a global manufacturer of batteries
  • increase its steel production and lower emissions from the sector
  • increase innovation by supporting its space sector
  • facilitate deeper engagement in science and innovation, including on technology, digital and emerging technologies.

Key priorities

  • Supporting an update of Australia’s India Economic Strategy to 2035, which will set short term action for our economic relationship with India.
  • Supporting the Australia-India Strategic Research Fund, our largest bilateral partnership for innovation, science and research.
  • Furthering the science, energy, resources and industry ambitions of the Australia-India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.
  • Supporting the ministerial Australia-India Energy Dialogue, covering energy and resources trade, policy development and research collaboration.


Sanjiva De Silva
Mobile: +91 95 9922 9301
Sanjiva De Silva biography [240KB PDF] [166KB DOCX]


Our Counsellor is based in the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

Japan is Australia’s largest export destination for energy resources. They are the largest Asian investor in Australian resources projects. Japan is also a key partner for Australian industry and science.

Key priorities

  • Engaging with Japanese investors and customers in Australia’s resources sector. This includes liquefied natural gas (LNG), coal and minerals.
  • Promoting technology collaboration in resources sectors. This includes clean coal, carbon capture and storage (CCS), HELE coal fired power stations, and hydrogen.


Charles Adamson
Phone: + 81 3 5232 4020
Charles Adamson biography [43KB PDF] [265KB DOCX]

North America

Our Minister-Counsellor for industry, science and education is based in the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

Australia and North America have a long history of close cooperation and collaboration. This has been embodied in the United States (US) through the 100 years of Mateship Campaign. The US, Canada and Australia share many similar policy challenges and are important partners.

Key priorities

  • Facilitate policy dialogue between the Australian, US and Canadian Governments and the community about science, technology, innovation, energy and resources. Aiming to share best practices and lessons learnt and explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Monitor key issues in the region that relate to innovation, space policy, energy, resources, digital economy and the future of work.
  • Engaging with the education sector to promote policy dialogue and share lessons learnt. Also encouraging collaboration and mobility between Australia, the US and Canada.


Ann Bray
(Industry, Science, Energy and Resources)
Phone +1 202 797 3441
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