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Download the department's organisation chart [<1MB PDF] (effective from 23 March 2020) or view the structure below.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology
The Hon Karen Andrews MP

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction
The Hon Angus Taylor MP

Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia
The Hon Keith Pitt MP

Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
Senator The Hon Michaelia Cash

Assistant Minister for Northern Australia Assistant Minister for Children and Families
The Hon Michelle Landry MP

Mr David Fredericks PSM

Departmental COVID-19 taskforces

Corporate Coordination Response Taskforce

Sam White

Personal Protective Equipment Taskforce

Testing kits
Sam Chard

PPE supplies
Sam Reinhardt

Medical supplies
Narelle Luchetti

Duncan McIntrye

Industry Intelligence Taskforce

Dr Chris Locke

Energy Security Taskforce

Lila Oldmeadow

Deputy Secretary - David Williamson


Director Professor
Graham Durant

  • Operations
    Kate Driver
  • Science and Learning
    Dr Bobby Cerini

National Measurement Institute (NMI)

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Metrologist
Bruce Warrington

  • Physical Metrology
    Dr Jan Herrmann
  • Analytical Services
    Tim Stobaus
  • Chemical and Biological Metrology
    Dr Lindsey Mackay
  • Legal Metrology
    Bill Loizides
  • Engagement and Business Development
    Nicole Henry (A/g)

Science and Commercialisation Policy

Head of Division
Jane Urquhart

  • International Science and Innovation
    Dr Gino Grassia
  • Commercialisation Policy
    David Wilson
  • Science Policy
    Michele Graham
  • SKA and Astronomy
    David Luchetti

Corporate and Digital

Head of Division
Janean Richards
Chief Operating Officer

  • Communications
    Virginia Cook
  • Legal, Audit and Assurance
    Maris Stipnieks
  • People
    Nathan Hannigan
  • Ministerial Liaison and Governance
    Giorgina Strangio
Rebecca Lee
Chief Information Officer
  • ICT Strategy and Departmental Systems
    Simone Boulding
  • ICT Operations
    Steve Stirling
  • Business Systems
    Andrea Cross (A/g)

Head of Division
Robert Hanlon
Chief Finance Officer

  • Financial Management, Property and Protective Security
    Erika Taduran
  • Portfolio Budget, Accounting and Financial Policy
    Michael Olive (A/g)
  • Strategy and Service Design
    Janice Wykes
  • Operations and Service Delivery
    Rachel Harris
  • Property and Protective Security
    Erin Cockram

Analysis and Insights

Head of Division
Russell Campbell
Chief Economist

  • Insights and Evaluation
    Abrie Swanepoel (A/g)
  • Economic Advice Service
    Melissa Bray
  • Data Management and Analytics
    Kayelle Drinkwater
  • BizLab
    Janna McCann

Deputy Secretary - Elizabeth Kelly PSM

AusIndustry - Industry Capability and Research

Head of Division
Leonie Horrocks (A/g)

  • Centre for Defence Industry Capability
    Sue Cattermole
  • Industry Research and Investment
    Leonie Horrocks
  • Research and Development Tax Incentive Program
    Monica Sapra

AusIndustry - Support for Business

Head of Division
Emma Greenwood (A/g)

  • DIIS Grants Administration
    Annie Ryan
  • Entrepreneurs' Programme
    Andrews Lewis (A/g)
  • National Outreach and External Grants Administration
    Jennifer Kay
  • Grant Advisory and Enabling Services
    Claire Forsyth
  • Service Strategy and Governance
    Lisa Hind
  • Employing Your First Person Taskforce
    Rachel Frost (A/g)

Digital Economy and Technology

Head of Division
Narelle Luchetti

  • Technology Growth and International
    Louise Talbot
  • Emerging Technologies
    Tim Bradley

Small and Family Business

Head of Division
Peter Cully

  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
    Rose Verspaandonk

Deputy Secretary - Mike Lawson PSM

Strategic Policy

Head of Division
Dr Chris Locke

  • Strategic Policy
    Mark Johnson (A/g)
  • Business Environment
    Wayne Calder
  • Trade and International
    Martin Squire
  • Department's Overseas Counsellor Network
  • National Security Engagement
    Justin Skelly (A/g)

Industry Growth

Head of Division
Bruce Wilson

  • Sectoral and Place Based Policy
  • Business Facilitation and Food Policy
    Rebecca Manen
  • Industry Transition
    Jessica Carew
  • Advanced Technologies
    Donna Looney
  • Australian Industry Participation

Anti Dumping Commission

Dale Seymour

  • Investigations
    Paul Sexton
  • Economic and Strategic Services
    Nathan Zhivov

Northern Australia and Major Projects

Head of Division
Nick Purtell (A/g)

  • Office of Northern Australia
    Peter Pearse (A/g)
  • Major Projects
    Matt Crawshaw (A/g)
  • Radioactive Waste Management Taskforce
    Kathleen O'Kane (A/g)
  • Northern Australia Refresh Taskforce
    Linda Lee


Head of Division
Paul Trotman

  • Resources Strategy
    Dan Quinn (A/g)
  • Offshore Resources
    Marie Illman
  • Onshore Minerals and Energy
    David Lawrence
  • Northern Endeavour Taskforce
    Lisa Schofield
  • Critical Minerals Facilitation Office
    Jessica Robinson
  • National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator
    Graeme Waters

Deputy Secretary - Sean Sullivan (A/g)

Energy Security and Efficiency

Head of Division
Shane Gaddes (A/g)

  • Energy Security
    Tim Wyndham
  • Energy International and Infrastructure
    Alison Dell (A/g)
  • Residential Energy Efficiency
    Alistair Sherwin
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
    Alistair Sherwin


Head of Division
Rachel Parry

  • Electricity
    James O'Toole
  • Gas and Governance
    Lesley Dowling
  • Principal Adviser
    Paul Johnson
  • Energy Transition
    James White
  • Energy Information and Analytics
    Allison Ball (A/g)

Deputy Secretary - Jo Evans

International Climate Change and Energy Innovation

Head of Division
Kushla Munro

  • Energy Innovation and Ozone Protection
    Paul Murphy
  • International
    Gaia Puleston (A/g)
  • National Inventory System and International Reporting
    Rob Sturgiss

Climate Change

Head of Division
Helen Bennett

  • Land and Outreach
    Katrina Maguire
  • Climate Change Policy
    Chris Johnston
  • Industry Emissions Policy
    Miranda Lello (A/g)

Portfolio Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities

  • IP Australia
    Mr Michael Schwager, Director- General
  • Geoscience Australia
    Dr James Johnson CEO
  • Clean Energy Regulator
    David Parker Chair and CEO
  • Climate Change Authority
    Brad Archer CEO

Portfolio Corporate Commonwealth Entities

  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
    Dr Larry Marshall Chief Executive
  • Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
    Dr Paul Hardisty CEO
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)
    Dr Adi Paterson CEO
  • National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA)
    Stuart Smith CEO
  • Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)
    Chris Wade CEO
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation
    Ian Learmonth CEO
  • Australian Renewable Energy Agency
    Darren Miller CEO

Other portfolio bodies

  • Office of the Chief Scientist
    Dr Alan Finkel Chief Scientist
  • COAG Australian Building Codes Board
    Neil Savery Chief Executive
  • Australian Space Agency
    Dr Megan Clark CEO
  • Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsmen
    Kate Carnell
  • Office of Innovation and Science Australia
    Dr Kate Cameron A/g CEO
  • National Wind Farm Commissioner
    Andrew Dyer

Government Business Enterprise

  • Snowy Hydro Limited
    Paul Broad CEO

Last updated: 27 March 2020

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