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Organisation chart

Download the department's organisation chart [<1MB PDF] (effective from 25 May 2022) or view the structure below.

Mr David Fredericks PSM

Deputy Secretary - Mary Wiley-Smith


Head of Division
Emma Greenwood
  • Portfolio Program Delivery
    Tia Stevens
  • Entrepreneurs' Programme
    Rebecca Lannen
  • Business Outreach and Engagement
    Claire Forsyth
  • Research and Development Tax Incentive
    Kirsty Gowans

Technology and National Security

Head of Division
Anthony Murfett
  • Technology Growth and International
    Camille de Burgh
  • Emerging Technologies
    Tim Wyndham
  • National Security Engagement
    Alie Ellis (a/g)


Head of Division
Graham Durant
  • Operations
    Kate Driver
  • Science and Learning
    Dr Bobby Cerini

National Measurement Institute

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Metrologist
Bruce Warrington
  • Physical Metrology
    Dr Jan Herrmann
  • Analytical Services
    Tim Stobaus
  • Chemical and Biological Metrology
    Dr Lindsey Mackay
  • Legal Metrology
    Bill Loizides
  • Strategy and Operations
    Lisa Hind

Deputy Secretary - David Williamson


Head of Division
Narelle Luchetti
  • Strategy and analysis
    Rebecca Manen
  • Manufacturing Priorities and Supply Chains
    Nick Purtell
  • Strategy Implementation
    Jo Mulder

Industry Growth

Head of Division
Donna Looney (A/g)
  • Industry Settings
    Judith Blake (A/g)
  • Industry Capability and Participation
    Sabrena King (A/g)
  • Strategic Industry Policy
    Mark Weaver
  • mRNA Vaccine Implementation
    David Luchetti PSM

Science and Commercialisation

Head of Division
Janean Richards
  • Science Policy and Governance
    Michele Graham
    Shanan Gillies
  • International and Astronomy
    Steph Gorecki Natik
  • Commercialisation
    Frank Tonkin (A/g)
  • Research and Collaboration
    Martin Dent (A/g)

Australian Space Agency
Mr Enrico Palermo
Agency Head

IP Australia
Mr Michael Schwager
*Non Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Dr Larry Marshall
Chief Executive
*Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Australian Building Codes Board
Gary Rake
Chief Executive

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
Dr Paul Hardisty
*Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO)
Shaun Jenkinson
*Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Office of the Chief Scientist
Dr Cathy Foley
Chief Scientist

Office of Industry Innovation and Science Australia
Anthony McGregor (A/g)

Deputy Secretary - Jo Evans

International Climate and Technology

Head of Division
Kushla Munro
  • Clean Technology
    Paul Murphy
  • International Climate
    David Higgins
  • Technology Transition
    Katrina Maguire
  • Office of the Special Adviser-Low Emissions Technology
    Rachael de Hosson

Climate Change

Head of Division
Kath Rowley (A/g)
  • Emissions Reduction
    Alannah Pentony
  • Climate Change Policy
    Conrad Buffier (A/g)
  • National Inventory Systems and International Reporting
    Mel Ford

Critical Minerals and Major Projects

Head of Division
Anthea Long
  • Major Projects
    Matt Crawshaw
  • Critical Minerals Facilitation Office
    Andrew Hutchinson

Climate Change Authority
Brad Archer
*Non Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Clean Energy Regulator
David Parker
Chair and CEO
*Non Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Australian Radioactive Waste Agency
Sam Usher

Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Ian Learmonth
*Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Darren Miller
*Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Deputy Secretary - Sean Sullivan

Onshore Resources

Head of Division
Michelle Croker
  • Gas Markets
    Stuart Richardson
  • Resources Strategy
    Dan Quinn
  • Commodities and International
    David Lawrence
  • Gas Infrastructure Planning and Policy
    Chris Videroni (A/g)

Offshore Resources and Liquid Fuels

Head of Division
Shane Gaddes
  • Offshore Resources
    Marie Illman
  • National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator
    Graeme Waters
  • Liquid Fuels
    Miranda Lello
  • Northern Endeavour
    Victoria Bergmann


Head of Division
Beth Brunoro
  • Electricity Markets
    Geoff Whelan
  • Transmission
    Paul Johnson
  • Transition
    James White
  • Marinus Link
    Merrick Peisley


Head of Division
Duncan McIntyre
  • Residential Energy Efficiency
    Penny Sirault
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
    Lesley Dowling
  • Energy Security and International
    Martin Squire
  • Energy Governance
    Leonie Horrocks

Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner
Andrew Dyer

National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA)
Stuart Smith
*Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Geoscience Australia
Dr James Johnson
*Non Corporate Commonwealth Entity

Snowy Hydro Limited
Paul Broad
*Government Business Enterprise

Deputy Secretary - Luise McCulloch

Strategic Policy

Head of Division
Helen Bennett
  • Strategic Policy
    Lila Oldmeadow
  • Trade and International
    Alison Drury
    Overseas Counsellor Network
  • Ministerial Liaison and Governance
    Dana Sutton

Analysis and Insights

Chief Economist
Russell Campbell
  • Evaluation and Research
  • Economic and Industry Analysis
    Wayne Calder
  • Data and Policy Design
    Kayelle Drinkwater
  • Resources and Energy Insights
    Jeewantha Karunarathna

Corporate and Digital

Chief Finance Officer
Rob Hanlon
  • Financial and
    Shared Services

    Erin Cockram
  • Financial Management
    Mike Olive
  • Business Grants Hub
    Sally Bektas
Chief Operating Officer
Kylie Bryant
  • Legal
    Deborah Miliszewski
  • People
    Nathan Hannigan
  • Communications
    Louise Perez
  • Property and Protective Security
    Sue Cattermole
Chief Information Officer
Rebecca Lee
  • ICT Operations
    Steve Stirling
  • Digital Strategy and Cyber Security
    Simone Boulding
  • Digital Services for Business
    Andrea Cross

Anti-Dumping Commission
Dr Bradley Armstrong PSM

Last updated: 25 May 2022

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