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Dec 2022 National Reconstruction Fund

National Reconstruction Fund: have your say

Have your say in shaping the design of the Australian Government’s National Reconstruction Fund.
Nov 2022 National Measurement Institute

Landmark anniversary for Australia’s measurement system

Australia celebrates a special measurement event: the 75th anniversary of our nation joining the Metre Treaty.
Nov 2022

Review puts spotlight on diversity in STEM

The diversity in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sector review will evaluate current programs and ways to improve participation of underrepresented groups.
Nov 2022

Australian Government continues support for rehabilitating Ranger Uranium Mine

The government has passed a bill to ensure the mine operator can finish rehabilitating the site.
Nov 2022

Upskilling and diversifying Australia’s cyber security workforce

Eighteen projects have been awarded funding to improve the quality, quantity and diversity of Australia’s cyber security workforce.
Nov 2022

Elevate program awards 50 scholarships to women in STEM of diverse backgrounds

The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering announced the first 50 scholarship recipients for the Elevate: Boosting Women in STEM program.
Nov 2022

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith reappointed as the Women in STEM Ambassador

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith has been reappointed as the Women in STEM Ambassador for a third term to November 2023. Read about her achievements and plans for her third term.

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