Coordinating a national approach to robotics

We're developing a national robotics strategy to grow the Australian robotics and automation technology sector.

Australia’s robotics and automation industry is growing rapidly. The National Robotics Strategy Advisory Committee supports our department to:

  • address challenges and harness opportunities

  • maximise use of the technology

  • ensure robotics and automation technologies benefit all Australians.

Committee objectives

The committee supports our department by:

  • helping develop a national robotics strategy
  • advising on priority areas of focus
  • advising on international approaches to developing and adopting robotics
  • giving insight and context on consultation findings
  • advising on existing or previous government programs and industry support.

Committee members

Professor Bronwyn Fox
Chief Scientist, CSIRO (Chair of the committee)
Dr Catherine Ball
Associate Professor, School of Engineering, Australian National University
Mr Andrew Dettmer
National President, Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte
NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer
Dr Sue Keay
Founder and Chair, Robotics Australia Group
Professor Simon Lucey
Director, Australian Institute of Machine Learning
Associate Professor Julia Powles
Co-Director, Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab
Mr Mike Zimmerman
Partner, Main Sequence Ventures.

Terms of reference

Committee terms

The terms of reference outline the committee’s role, operations and deliverables.