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How we will work with stakeholders to implement this strategy

The Australian Government is committed to transparent and proactive collaboration with stakeholders to deliver the strategy. 

In October 2022, to facilitate the delivery of the NRMP and commence stakeholder engagement, the Office of National Rail Industry Coordination (in the Department of Industry, Science and Resources) was established. In June 2023 the National Rail Manufacturing Advocate and the inaugural members of the Rail Industry Innovation Council were appointed. All 3 will have roles in the implementation of this strategy.

The Office of National Rail Industry Coordination (ONRIC) will take a coordinated national approach to lead implementation of the strategy in partnership with the National Rail Manufacturing Advocate, and working closely with Australian Government agencies, rail industry stakeholders, and the council. It will work collaboratively with states and territories as chair of the Inter-governmental Rail Industry Group. ONRIC will continue to undertake research, policy development, stakeholder engagement, and lead the implementation of the National Rail Manufacturing Plan.

The National Rail Manufacturing Advocate will lead the implementation of this strategy in partnership with ONRIC, through deep engagement with industry stakeholders across the supply chain, unions, and states and territories – looking for opportunities to improve competitiveness and grow the Australian rail manufacturing sector. The advocate works closely with ONRIC and is an independent adviser to the Australian Government minister responsible for rail manufacturing.

The Rail Industry Innovation Council will support the implementation of the strategy primarily through its leadership role under Pillar 5 – ‘Improve research, innovation collaboration and design’ and by monitoring general progress on this strategy, providing guidance and advice. The council will also identify opportunities for innovation and technology adoption, including on emissions reduction. 

When engaging with stakeholders we will:

  • engage flexibly and remain open to hearing industry, unions and government feedback while implementing the strategy and delivery phases of the NRMP
  • work collaboratively with states and territories:
    • bilaterally
    • multilaterally, through the Inter-governmental Rail Industry Group (IRIG) 
    • through appropriate ministerial forums.
  • have an ‘open door approach’ that ensures industry participants can easily bring ideas and concepts to our attention. This includes quick, time-critical wins.
  • be responsive to the challenges and opportunities of SMEs across the supply chain as well as emerging industry participants who want to enter rail manufacturing.
  • be transparent about the progress we make under this strategy and the broader plan. To support this, ONRIC will publish an annual progress report on its webpage.