Extractive industries lifecycle and benefit distribution: research report

Date published:
1 April 2018

At the national scale the mining industry continues to make a significant contribution to the economy. Mining employment trends and income distribution varies considerably across states, territories and regions.

This report identifies socio-economic benefits and impacts of mining at a state and territory level across the lifecycle of the industry, and:

  • considers ways the mining sector is changing relative to other sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing
  • investigates changes based on key indicators including exports, employment and income inequality
  • presents key findings from statistical analysis of the 2016 Australian Census data and how income distribution has changed over the preceding decade
  • highlights ways the mining sector has contributed to innovation in the economy

This report was prepared for the Department on behalf of the COAG Land Access for Resources Policy Group. It forms part of a set of projects conducted by CSIRO on social and economic dimensions of the resources sector.

Authors: Lavina Poruschi and Tom Measham (CSIRO).