Evaluation Strategy 2024–2028

Date published:
29 February 2024

The Evaluation Strategy 2024–2028 sets out the Department of Industry, Science and Resources' vision for evaluation from 2024 to 2028. 

Evaluation helps us meet our purpose: building a better future for all Australians through enabling a productive, resilient and sustainable economy, enriched by science and technology. 

The strategy is built on 3 pillars for success:

  • establishing evaluative practices
  • evidence and accountability
  • increasing capability.

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Secretary's message

Foreword from the Secretary


About evaluation

Evaluation can take many forms. But ultimately, it means using evidence to make an informed judgement about the value or quality of something.

Other assurance activities

Evaluation complements, and can inform, or be informed by, several other assurance activities.

Pillars of the Evaluation Strategy 2024–2028

The strategy is built on 3 pillars and supporting principles. These will help us achieve our vision for evaluation in the department.

Pillar 1: Establishing evaluative practices

We embed systems for continual review and improvement to ensure we learn from experience.

Pillar 2: Evidence and accountability

We take responsibility for understanding the impact of our work through best-practice evaluation.

Pillar 3: Increasing capability

We invest in staff capability as the foundation for effective evaluation.

The way forward


Our planned timing of key deliverables.

Our theory of change

How implementing the strategy is expected to lead to change in the department over time.

Measures for success

How we will assess our progress against this strategy's pillars and principles for success.


Evaluation maturity matrix

Read about how we use our evaluation maturity matrix.

Download the strategy as a PDF