The framework is intended to be read by every member of the APS, from the most junior member of a team, to the most senior person in a department or agency.

Whether you’re working on policy, programs or service delivery, the framework provides practical guidance including:

  • engagement principles and standards for the Australian public sector
  • 4 ways to engage people: share, consult, deliberate and collaborate.

Guidance and engagement tools

The guidance materials are intended to apply to all APS engagements. It is expected that public servants will apply them in their work, discuss them in meetings, and share them.

They also show the public what is expected of public servants in the course of their engagement.

Principles for engagement and participation

Aspiring to these principles helps you uncover useful expertise and develop better policy, programs and services.

Ways to engage

The 4 ways to engage are: share, consult, deliberate and collaborate.

Engagement standards

Learn about the standards of expected behaviour from a public servant when they are dealing with external stakeholders.

Guide to the right engagement

This interactive decision tool helps public servants choose the best approach to engage with stakeholders and the public.

More on the framework

Read more about the purpose of the framework and how we developed it. 

Summary of the framework

The APS framework for engagement and participation outlines the principles and standards that underpin effective engagement.

Objectives of the framework

Learn about the objectives of the APS Framework for engagement and participation.

How we developed the framework

Learn how we developed the APS framework for engagement and participation.


The APS framework for engagement and participation defines common terms it uses.

Your role in engagement

We all have a role in effective engagement. It requires input from public servants, APS stakeholders and citizens. 

A message for public servants

A message for public servants on engagement.

A message for APS stakeholders and citizens

A message for stakeholders and the public on engaging with the Australian Public Service.