Ritika Bazzad at work in the lab

Credit: Sydney Quantum Academy

An Australian Government funded program is providing exciting opportunities for Australian students looking to study a PhD in quantum.

The Next Generation Quantum Graduates Program (NGQGP) funds scholarships to attract and train our next generation of quantum technology specialists.  

Through industry placements, students will use quantum technologies to work directly on research projects that are informed by real-world challenges brought forward by industry partners. There are also opportunities to develop cross-cutting skills, capabilities and connections through professional development and training in complementary areas. 

Australia is a world leader in quantum research. Based on conservative estimates in a CSIRO report, quantum technology in Australia could be a near $6 billion industry, creating over 19,000 jobs by 2045. 

The Australian Government identifies quantum as one of the critical technologies in our national interest. This includes quantum computing, communications and sensors. 

CSIRO’s Data61 received funding to deliver the quantum graduate program as part of the National Quantum Strategy. The program will help to build a steady pipeline of talent for our quantum industry.