New report shows Australia can meet Asian gas demand

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23 February 2022

The Australian Government has released the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Commodity Report, part of Australia’s Global Resources Strategy.

The commodity report positions Australia as a reliable partner who will keep supporting global growth in LNG demand.

The report highlights that: 

  • Australia is already the world’s largest LNG supplier.
  • Australia is a secure and competitive destination for developing LNG projects.
  • Investors can have confidence in Australia’s stable regulatory settings when making long-term investments.
  • Australia has plenty of gas resources and will provide reliable, environmentally responsible and competitively priced LNG to buyers in Asia.
  • Australian LNG can help provide Asian nations with energy security.
  • Australian companies can grow and diversify their LNG exports by selling to emerging markets.

New partnerships to support LNG

The report identifies India and Bangladesh as major emerging LNG markets. The government is supporting the huge trade and investment potential in these markets through the new South Asian LNG Partnership.

The government has also announced an LNG partnership with Timor-Leste. This partnership will deepen our countries’ links around gas development and trade, including carbon capture and storage. It includes $1 million for visits between the countries by business and government delegations.

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