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This report highlights the trade and investment opportunities for Australia’s liquid natural gas (LNG) industry to 2050.

It is part of our Global Resources Strategy to attract international investment in Australian LNG projects.

Australia is already a leader in LNG trade, accounting for about 20% of global LNG exports. Changes in gas demand over the next few decades will let us export more LNG, particularly to Asia.

The report analyses the potential demand for Australian LNG from emerging and established customers.

It also provides a snapshot of Australia’s LNG industry and highlights the trends and competitors that will shape LNG demand to 2050.


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Emerging LNG markets

We have identified 7 emerging markets where Australia has the greatest opportunity to strengthen LNG trade. Combined, these markets are expected to grow their LNG demand from 40 Mt in 2020 to 255 Mt in 2050.

As well as increased LNG exports, there are opportunities for Australian participation along the entire LNG value chain in these markets. Opportunities include:

  • designing and constructing LNG import terminals and domestic gas distribution networks
  • financing emerging LNG industries
  • operating gas production and LNG import facilities
  • advising on safe and environmentally-friendly practices
  • decommissioning retiring gas production facilities and restoring the environment.

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Established LNG markets

Australia has established LNG trade and investment relationships with 4 markets.

Combined LNG demand from these markets is expected to grow from 200 Mt in 2020 to 243 Mt in 2050.

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