Introducing the Program Analytics Tool

This interactive tool provides insights into businesses participating in our programs.
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Our new Program Analytics Tool (PAT) draws together data on hundreds of thousands of Australian businesses to provide insights into businesses participating in our programs.

It contains interactive charts and tables that allow you to see the patterns of government assistance. You can also compare characteristics of these businesses to a benchmark of employing businesses, by looking at:

  • business size
  • industry classification
  • export values

The PAT increases the accessibility and transparency of departmental programs by making more data insights available to a wider audience.

We have used data from the Business Longitudinal Analysis Data Environment (BLADE) to build the tool. BLADE combines ABS survey data with administrative data about the department’s programs and from other organisations such as the Australian Tax Office. Linking these data sets together in BLADE, combined with the data visualisations in the PAT, allows us to draw insights not possible using one data set alone.

We hope PAT will be useful for program and policy thinkers, and those looking to learn more about government programs. It has the potential to inform the design and delivery of future programs.

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