Industry Capability Network (ICN) launches new gateway to boost Australian industry

Industry Capability Network (ICN) Limited has relaunched the ICN Gateway. If you’re an SME looking to expand your business, register your details on ICN Gateway.
Image of a construction worker's desk with a laptop open on the ICN Gateway website

The new ICN Gateway makes it easier to promote and find project opportunities.

Industry Capability Network (ICN) Limited, in collaboration with ICN offices across Australia, announced the relaunch of ICN Gateway.

ICN Gateway now makes it easier for:

  • project owners to promote their projects
  • suppliers to find work and promote their capabilities.

Relaunching ICN Gateway is part of a strategic plan to review and improve the user experience on ICN systems.

Our department is a founding member and principal funder of ICN Limited.

Supporting ICN Limited and ICN Gateway contributes to the government’s commitment to:

  • invest in the future of Australian industry
  • increase Australian industry participation
  • the Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

Through ICN Gateway, suppliers have access to projects worth more than $400 billion to the Australian economy. Suppliers can connect with an array of clients, including leading defence, engineering and construction companies.

ICN Limited Executive Director, Warren Jansen, explained “ICN has a proven track record of providing full, fair and reasonable access to local opportunities. Since being created over 30 years ago, we have helped local businesses find $30 billion worth of contracts to keep them working and growing. We’re thrilled about the change this will make to industry and look forward to doing our part in growing the Australian economy.”

ICN Limited Chair, Derek Lark, added “If you’re a project manager get in touch with your local ICN office to find out how you can save time and money in the procurement process”.

“And if you’re an SME looking to expand your business, make sure you register your details on ICN Gateway.”

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