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Australian Industry Participation (AIP) requirements ensure full, fair and reasonable opportunity for Australian industry to compete for work.

This includes:

  • work in major public and private projects in Australia
  • procurements or projects receiving Australian Government funding of $20 million or more

The AIP National Framework [230KB PDF] commits the Australian Government and state and territory governments to adopting a consistent national approach. This aims to maximise Australian industry participation in major projects in Australia and internationally.

Major projects

If you’re planning a major public or private project to establish or upgrade eligible facilities within Australia, you must:

Find out more about major project requirements

Commonwealth Government procurement

Successful tenderers for Commonwealth Government procurements of $20 million or more may need to prepare and implement an AIP plan.

Find out more about Commonwealth Government procurement requirements

Commonwealth Government grants, states and territories payments, CEFC and NAIF

You need an AIP plan for:

  • Australian Government grants of $20 million or more
  • Australian Government payments of $20 million or more to state and territory governments for large infrastructure projects
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility investments of $20 million or more

Contact us on 02 6213 6404 or email aip [at] to discuss requirements.

Find current major projects with an AIP plan

We publish current major projects’ AIP plan executive summaries.

Search our database of major project AIP plan summaries.

Find current Commonwealth Government projects with an AIP plan

We publish AIP plan executive summaries for:

  • Commonwealth Government procurement and grants
  • Payments to states and territories for large infrastructure projects
  • Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility investments

Search our database of Commonwealth Government project AIP plan summaries

About the Australian Industry Participation Authority

The AIP Authority:

  • provides guidance about your obligations under the Jobs Act, including if and when you need an AIP plan
  • can assist you to develop your AIP plan
  • approves AIP plans
  • publishes AIP plan summaries on this website
  • provides guidance about how to report against your implemented AIP plan
  • monitors and enforces compliance with the Jobs Act

Compliance process

Read the Guidelines for Jobs Act Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement [401KB PDF]. The guidelines explain our compliance processes under the Australian Jobs Act 2013.

The Australian Jobs (Australian Industry Participation) Rule 2014 details:

  • exemptions to AIP plan requirements
  • notification obligations
  • compliance requirements
  • the functions of the Australian Industry Participation Authority

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  • Phone +61 2 6213 6404

Feedback and complaints

  • You can provide feedback by emailing or calling us.
  • If you have a complaint, clearly explain the issue and provide any relevant documents. If you make a complaint in person or by phone, follow it up in writing. We will record and investigate your complaint and provide a detailed response.
  • If you’re not satisfied with our response, you may contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman. If you disagree with a direction to amend your draft Jobs Act AIP plan or with any related decisions made by the AIP Authority, you may make an application to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of the decisions. See Section 112 of the Jobs Act for more information.