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The Australian Government is manufacturing a new future for our nation through the Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

The Strategy is a key feature of the Government’s JobMaker plan to harness Australian manufacturing capability and drive our economic recovery and future resilience. The vision for the Strategy is for Australia to be recognised as a high-quality and sustainable manufacturing nation that helps to deliver a strong, modern and resilient economy for all Australians.

Watch the Modern Manufacturing Strategy video

COVID-19 has shaken and changed the world.

But history has shown that through adversity, greatness can be borne.

Australian manufacturers have risen to the challenge to deliver during COVID-19.

Now the Australian Government is unlocking their potential to deliver for our future.

Tinkering at the edges is not an option.

Our $1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative will help Australian manufacturers to grow and take on the world … because when they do it creates high-paid, lasting jobs – not just for this recovery, but for generations to come.

The Initiative will see us playing to our strengths – targeting our investment to areas where we have an advantage or a strategic priority.

Australians instinctively know that strong, successful manufacturing businesses make for a stronger country.

And by backing them - we’re sending a clear signal that not only is Australia open for business, but we mean business.

Let’s “Make it Happen”.

Modern Manufacturing Strategy updates

Programs under the Strategy are still in development and funding is not yet available. For updates as they become available, please Subscribe for Updates. If you would like to discuss a project, please provide your details at Contact Us.