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Measurement law review 

The measurement law review has identified aspects of Australia’s measurement framework that can be modernised, streamlined or simplified.

The review has developed reform options for the Australian Government to consider.

Review objectives

In considering Australia’s measurement framework, the review has 4 objectives:

  • developing and advancing measurement activities that support Australia and its economy
  • strengthening strategic measurement capabilities
  • supporting confidence in measurement—domestically and internationally
  • promoting innovation through a modern approach to measurement infrastructure.

Public consultations

Between 2017 and 2020 the Measurement Law Review consulted with stakeholders who interact with the measurement system.

Proposed reform options

In 2021, we sought public feedback on proposed reform options presented in the Regulation Impact Statement on our consultation hub.

Read the summary of the consultation and the submissions on our consultation hub.

Discussion papers

During 2018 and 2019, we sought input on 6 discussion papers. Each examined a specific aspect of Australia’s measurement framework and posed a core question.

Read the summary for a balanced overview of key feedback.

Discussion papers (also hosted on our consultation hub):  

  1. Scope of Australia’s Measurement Laws [3.2MB PDF]  [7.9MB DOCX] — What should Australia’s measurement laws cover in a modern economy?
  2. Traceable Measurement [3.8MB PDF] — What are the legally acceptable ways of ascertaining if a measurement is consistent with a unit of measurement allowed for legal use in Australia?
  3. Measuring Instruments [3.7MB PDF]  [1.26 DOCX] — What is the best way to ensure measuring instruments are suitably accurate and appropriate for use in both trade and non-trade contexts?
  4. Measurement-based Transactions [3.7MB PDF]  [1.08MB DOCX] — How can measurement laws ensure a level playing field for trade and ensure consumer confidence in a modern economy?
  5. Third Party Arrangements [2.2MB PDF]  [2.4MB DOCX] — What arrangements for third parties would best support Australia’s measurement framework and technical measurement infrastructure?
  6. Compliance Arrangements [2.2MB PDF]  [2.4MB DOCX] — What mechanisms can be used to effectively encourage compliant behaviour?

Consultation rounds

We released these papers in 3 consultation rounds on our consultation hub:

Industry workshops

During November and December 2019, we held workshops with authorised third parties.

Read the summary for key feedback from attendees.

Review of measurement markings on packaging

Our department undertook a review of Part 4 of the National Trade Measurement Regulations from 2015 to 2018. The purpose of the review was to identify where red tape could be cut without compromising the objectives of the national trade measurement system.

We gathered stakeholder feedback through 4 key processes:

  1. discussion paper for comment
  2. one on one stakeholder meetings
  3. options paper for comment
  4. ORIMA surveys and research.

In 2018 we merged packaging review outcomes into the Measurement Law Review.

Find information about the packaging review on the Australian Government web archive: