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23 November 2020

Our department's new People Strategy 2020-22 is now available.

Our People strategy outlines how we are building a high performance organisation by investing in our people, culture and values. It also shows how we seek to live our values of collaboration, innovation, respect and excellence every day.

Our strategy and culture is built on 3 pillars:

  • Engaged and inclusive workforce – A culture that is inclusive, builds capability and cares for our workforce.
  • Future ways of working – A culture that acknowledges recent and significant changes to the way people work, encourages flexibility and harnesses technology.
  • Diverse and high performing workforce – A culture that focusses on building and maintaining a high performing workforce that will be highly skilled, diverse in thought and mobile.

Our strategy details outcomes and actions we will deliver in each area to support our workforce over the next 2 years.

The nature of our business means we are already strong collaborators working in an inclusive environment. Building on this foundation, we can continue to add public value and make positive contributions to the lives and communities of Australians.

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