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Our department supports economic growth and job creation for all Australians by fostering productive relationships and collaborating on policy, program and regulation.

Our people strategy

Our workforce is rapidly changing and so is the Australian Public Service. How we add public value and how we deliver positive outcomes continues to evolve. See the targeted initiatives under the 3 pillars below to learn how we will support our workforce over the next 2 years. 

Our values

We are collaborative, innovative, respectful and strive for excellence.

Our success measures

  • Maintain and improve our culture and high levels of engagement
  • Lift our workforce and individual capability
  • Increase levels of safety and wellbeing of our staff
  • Become more effective and productive as an organisation

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The involvement and engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is deeply important to our department. We acknowledge the important perspective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples bring to our work. We celebrate the role they play as key partners in achieving our outcomes.

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