The National Rail Manufacturing Plan will help grow a more globally competitive rail manufacturing sector in Australia. 

This will:

  • lift productivity
  • improve social and environmental outcomes
  • deliver economic value.

Objectives of the plan

  • A nationally coordinated approach to government procurement and investment
  • A more efficient domestic supply chain selling to local and export markets
  • Global leaders in research, design, innovation and adoption
  • Rewarding careers and a highly skilled, diverse workforce


We are implementing the National Rail Manufacturing Plan in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Establish a strong foundation for growth and activate high-value early opportunities

Timeframe: Quarter 3, 2023 to Quarter 4, 2024

Deliver the National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy

The National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy has 6 pillars:

  1. Develop a nationally coordinated approach to rolling stock procurement 
  2. Harmonise standards for manufacture of rolling stock
  3. Adopt a national local content approach
  4. Maximise opportunities for freight and heavy haul manufacturing
  5. Improve research, innovation collaboration and design
  6. Support development of a skilled and sustainable workforce for the future needs of rail manufacturing

Complete national scan of rail procurements 

Identify immediate opportunities that would benefit from national collaboration or coordination.

Phase 2: Identify opportunities for Australian manufacturing in the global supply chain

Timeframe: Quarter 1 to Quarter 4, 2024

Assess domestic rail manufacturing capability

  • Evaluate domestic rail manufacturing capability and growth challenges
  • Identify high-value manufacturing growth areas for domestic and export markets
  • Select and test growth areas for implementation

Map national rail innovation system

  • Evaluate Australia’s rail research and innovation ecosystem 
  • Identify research and innovation priorities to support growth areas

Phase 3: Develop domestic capability in priority growth areas

Timeframe: Quarter 3, 2024 to Quarter 4, 2025 (and beyond)

Develop and implement rail sector priority growth plans

Based on outcomes of phase 2, develop plans to deliver on priority growth areas, with a focus on:

  • growing relevant supply chain capability
  • attracting new capital and capability
  • facilitating targeted research and innovation 
  • boosting sector exports
  • supporting development and growth of world class workforce.