A passenger train in motion at dusk

The National Rolling Stock Procurement Pipeline will allow a more transparent, collaborative and coordinated approach to rolling stock procurement across Australia. 

The Office of National Rail Industry Coordination (ONRIC) collaborated with the Australian rail manufacturing industry to create the first edition of the pipeline. 

The pipeline compiles procurement data from across states and territories. Interactive graphs and a searchable data table allow users to customise their experience and find detailed information. 

Stakeholders can find information on:

  • procurement location, estimated total value, status, timeframe and type, from new fleets to fleet upgrades
  • different rolling stock types, from heavy rail and freight wagons, to light rail and metro.

The pipeline is a step towards making national rolling stock procurement processes consistent across all states and territories. It aims to help industry and government with visibility for future planning and stabilise costs across the sector.

National Rail Manufacturing Advocate, Jacqui Walters, has been championing the project:

‘The pipeline is a critical deliverable of the National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy.

‘Suppliers now have visibility of rolling stock manufacturing and major refurbishment opportunities across Australia. This information assists businesses to position for this work, make investment decisions and grow. Manufacturers asked for this and we collaborated with them to design this first edition.

‘I encourage all members of the Australian rail manufacturing industry to contribute to the ongoing development of the pipeline by providing their feedback.’

ONRIC will continue to update and refine the pipeline beyond 2035, to include new fleets, refursbishmenst and upgrade projects. This will ensure it remains a useful resource for stakeholders.