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May 2017

The research papers produced by the Office of the Chief Economist deal with topical issues of interest relevant to the department.

Research findings are intended to elicit comments and stimulate debate. The papers also contribute to providing a solid evidence base for the department’s programs.


  1. Participation in South Australian Innovation and Investment Funds: Impact on firm performance
  2. The role of spillovers in research and development expenditure in Australian industries
  3. The impact of labour market regulation on the unemployment rate: Evidence from OECD economies
  4. The performance and characteristics of Australian firms with Employee Share Schemes
  5. Entrepreneurship Dynamics in Australia: Lessons from Micro-data


  1. The effect of age on Australian small-to-medium enterprises
  2. Updating investment estimates for Australia’s organisational capital
  3. Modelling the relationship between innovation and exporting: Evidence from Australian SMEs
  4. Energy costs and export competitiveness: evidence from Australian industries
  5. Clean Technology, Regulation and Government Intervention: The Australian Experience
  6. Business Dynamics of a Clean Energy Policy
  7. Export behaviour and business performance: evidence from Australian microdata


  1. Regional impacts of the accelerated decline of the manufacturing sector in Australia
  2. Impact of international trade on employment: Evidence from Australia’s manufacturing industries
  3. Australian geography of innovative entrepreneurship
  4. The employment dynamics of Australian entrepreneurship
  5. The business size distribution in Australia
  6. The economics of metrology
  7. Mechanical boon: will automation advance Australia?
  8. Financing innovative entrepreneurship

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