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Space Infrastructure Fund

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Enabling infrastructure to drive space sector growth across the nation
Publication Date: 
August 2019

About the Space Infrastructure Fund

The Space Infrastructure Fund is a $19.5 million investment in seven infrastructure projects to drive the growth of Australia’s space sector.

Filling gaps in Australia’s space infrastructure allows businesses and researchers to focus on growing and developing their day-to-day operations, and providing space-related solutions to drive economic benefit across the whole economy – providing new tools for farmers, supporting emergency services and helping manage drought. It also provides the tools businesses need to access international opportunities – opening doors for Australia internationally.

The projects form an important element of the Australian Civil Space Strategy, primarily addressing the ‘National’ pillar to increase capability in the sector. They will be developed in locations across Australia, providing investment in multiple states and territories, and building upon Australia’s National Civil Space Priorities and strengths.

Through this investment the Australian Government is growing a competitive and sustainable industry. This will help support the creation of another 20,000 jobs and contribute to tripling the size of the Australian space sector to $12 billion by 2030.

Benefits beyond the space sector

Benefits of investing in space infrastructure flow on to the Australian community. Space-based technologies such as satellites enable many areas of our modern lives, from GPS, weather and environmental monitoring, to telecommunications and precision agriculture. This will only increase as economic barriers are lowered by cheaper launch technologies, the increasing capabilities of digital technologies and the ongoing miniaturisation of technology.

All Australian market sectors get direct or spill over benefits from space‑enabled services and practical applications of space capabilities, including finance, agriculture, mining, health, tourism, and manufacturing. Investing in space companies will contribute to job creation in a wide range of areas across Australia

Projects to be delivered

Map of Australia showing where the Space Infrastructure Projects are to be delivered.  WA, Robotics, automation and AI command and control $4.5m and Space data analysis facilities $1.5m SA, Mission control facilities $6m TAS, Tracking facilities upgrade $1.2m NSW, Space manufacturing capability $2m National projects, Space payload qualification facilities $2.5m and Pathway to launch $0.9m

Space manufacturing facilities (NSW, $2 million)

Supporting the delivery of future space manufacturing capability, and development of high-tech skills and new space objects.

Mission control (SA, $6 million)

A platform for SMEs and researchers to control small satellite missions, enabling real-time testing and accelerated improvement of satellite technology.

Tracking facilities upgrade (TAS, $1.2 million)

Upgrading infrastructure to support precision tracking of satellites and spacecraft.

Robotics, automation and AI command and control (WA, $4.5 million)

Allowing SMEs and researchers control over autonomous operations in space; building capability in space technologies.

Space data analysis facilities (WA, $1.5 million)

Providing SMEs and researchers with space data analysis capability for agriculture, mining, emergency services and maritime surveillance.

Space payload qualification facilities ($2.5 million)

Providing capability for SMEs and researchers to test space equipment and have it mission-ready in Australia.

Pathway to launch ($0.9 million)

Undertake work to address the active interest and growing readiness in industry for launch in Australia, while ensuring safety on Earth and in space.

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