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Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables

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Publication Date: 
September 2019

Our Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables report the government’s investments in research and development (R&D), science, and innovation.

The tables also provide information about which government organisations conduct their own R&D, science and innovation activities.

Latest SRI Budget Tables

2019–20 SRI budget tables [2.6MB XLSX]

Please note that the 2019–20 SRI Budget Tables were revised on 26 February 2020, with minor updates made to historical data within the SEO tab.

Previous SRI Budget Tables

2009–10 to 2018–19

2018–19 SRI budget tables [2.2MB XLSX]

2017–18 SRI budget tables [1.6MB PDF] [1.7MB XLSX]

2016–17 SRI budget tables [888KB PDF] [3.3MB XLSX]

2015–16 SRI budget tables [750KB PDF] [2.3MB XLSX]

2014–15 SRI budget tables [195KB PDF] [460KB XLSX]

2013–14 SRI budget tables [204KB PDF] [611KB XLSX]

2012–13 SRI budget tables [83KB PDF] [450KB XLSX]

2011–12 SRI budget tables [51KB PDF] [197KB XLSX]

2010–11 SRI budget tables [42KB PDF] [156KB XLSX]

2009–10 SI budget tables [44KB PDF] [131KB XLSX]

1999–2000 to 2008–09

2008–09 SI budget tables [82KB PDF] [151MB XLS]

2007–08 SI budget tables [43KB PDF] [137KB XLS]

2006–07 SI budget tables [83KB PDF] [63KB XLS]

2005–06 SI budget tables [129KB PDF] [147MB XLS]

2004–05 SI budget tables [148KB PDF] [111MB XLS]

2003–04 SI budget tables [884KB PDF] [113MB XLS]

2002–03 SI budget tables [52KB PDF] [105MB XLS]

2001–02 SI budget tables [132KB PDF] [94KB XLS]

2000–01 ST budget statement [2.2MB PDF] [143KB XLS]

1999–2000 ST budget statement [3MB PDF] [143KB XLS]

1989–90 to 1998–99

1998–99 ST budget statement [2.4MB PDF] [130KB XLSX]

1997–98 ST budget statement [2MB PDF] [122KB XLSX]

1996–97 ST budget statement [1.8MB PDF] [122KB XLSX]

1995–96 ST budget statement [1.6MB PDF] [116KB XLSX]

1994–95 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [116KB XLSX]

1993–94 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [117KB XLSX]

1992–93 ST budget statement [2.2MB PDF] [109KB XLSX]

1991–92 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [106KB XLSX]

1990–91 ST budget statement [1.7MB PDF] [108KB XLSX]

1989–1990 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [102KB XLSX]

1979–80 to 1988–89

1987–88 ST statement [1.8MB PDF] [310KB XLSX]

1986–87 ST statement [1.4MB PDF] [359KB XLSX]

1985–86 ST statement [1.1MB PDF] [495KB XLSX]

1984–85 ST statement [976KB PDF] [469KB XLSX]

1983–84 ST statement [1.1MB PDF] [498KB XLSX]

1982–83 ST statement [787KB PDF] [460KB XLSX]

1981–82 ST statement [943KB PDF] [355KB XLSX]

1980–81 ST statement [461KB PDF] [270KB XLSX]

1979–1980 Science statement [1.7MB PDF] [264KB XLSX]

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