Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables

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December 2021

Our Science, Research and Innovation (SRI) Budget Tables report the government’s investments in research and development (R&D), science, and innovation.

The tables also provide information about which government organisations conduct their own R&D, science and innovation activities.

SRI Budget Tables 2021–22

Interactive dashboard

Use our interactive dashboard for this year's Budget Tables in Power BI:

View the 2021–22 SRI interactive dashboard


Download the main SRI Budget Tables document:

2021–22 SRI budget tables [1.8MB XLSX]

Download key data sets of the SRI Budget Tables in a machine readable format:

2021-22 Research Investment (R&D) [703KB CSV]

2021-22 Other Science Research Investment [98KB CSV]

2021-22 Socio-economic objectives of R&D investment [138KB CSV]

Previous SRI Budget Tables

2020-21 onwards

2020–21 SRI budget tables [2.2MB XLSX]

Machine readable formats:

2020-21 Research Investment (R&D) [715KB CSV]

2020-21 Other Science Research Investment [88KB CSV]

2020-21 Socio-economic objectives of R&D investment [108KB CSV]

2009–10 to 2019–20

2019–20 SRI budget tables [2.6MB XLSX] 
Note: The 2019–20 SRI Budget Tables were revised on 26 February 2020, with minor updates made to historical data within the SEO tab.

2018–19 SRI budget tables [2.2MB XLSX]

2017–18 SRI budget tables [1.6MB PDF] [1.7MB XLSX]

2016–17 SRI budget tables [888KB PDF] [3.3MB XLSX]

2015–16 SRI budget tables [750KB PDF] [2.3MB XLSX]

2014–15 SRI budget tables [195KB PDF] [460KB XLSX]

2013–14 SRI budget tables [204KB PDF] [611KB XLSX]

2012–13 SRI budget tables [83KB PDF] [450KB XLSX]

2011–12 SRI budget tables [51KB PDF] [197KB XLSX]

2010–11 SRI budget tables [42KB PDF] [156KB XLSX]

2009–10 SI budget tables [44KB PDF] [131KB XLSX]

1999–2000 to 2008–09

2008–09 SI budget tables [82KB PDF] [151MB XLS]

2007–08 SI budget tables [43KB PDF] [137KB XLS]

2006–07 SI budget tables [83KB PDF] [63KB XLS]

2005–06 SI budget tables [129KB PDF] [147MB XLS]

2004–05 SI budget tables [148KB PDF] [111MB XLS]

2003–04 SI budget tables [884KB PDF] [113MB XLS]

2002–03 SI budget tables [52KB PDF] [105MB XLS]

2001–02 SI budget tables [132KB PDF] [94KB XLS]

2000–01 ST budget statement [2.2MB PDF] [143KB XLS]

1999–2000 ST budget statement [3MB PDF] [143KB XLS]

1989–90 to 1998–99

1998–99 ST budget statement [2.4MB PDF] [130KB XLSX]

1997–98 ST budget statement [2MB PDF] [122KB XLSX]

1996–97 ST budget statement [1.8MB PDF] [122KB XLSX]

1995–96 ST budget statement [1.6MB PDF] [116KB XLSX]

1994–95 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [116KB XLSX]

1993–94 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [117KB XLSX]

1992–93 ST budget statement [2.2MB PDF] [109KB XLSX]

1991–92 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [106KB XLSX]

1990–91 ST budget statement [1.7MB PDF] [108KB XLSX]

1989–1990 ST budget statement [1.5MB PDF] [102KB XLSX]

1979–80 to 1988–89

1987–88 ST statement [1.8MB PDF] [310KB XLSX]

1986–87 ST statement [1.4MB PDF] [359KB XLSX]

1985–86 ST statement [1.1MB PDF] [495KB XLSX]

1984–85 ST statement [976KB PDF] [469KB XLSX]

1983–84 ST statement [1.1MB PDF] [498KB XLSX]

1982–83 ST statement [787KB PDF] [460KB XLSX]

1981–82 ST statement [943KB PDF] [355KB XLSX]

1980–81 ST statement [461KB PDF] [270KB XLSX]

1979–1980 Science statement [1.7MB PDF] [264KB XLSX]

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