Australia's Global Resources Statement

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Reliable, responsible, ready for the future
Publication Date: 
June 2021

The Global Resources Statement positions the nation’s resources sector as a reliable, responsible and ready for the future investment destination for resources exploration and supply.

The statement is the first milestone achieved under the government’s Global Resources Strategy. The strategy is the whole-of-government framework announced as part of the recent 2021-22 Federal Budget. The government will invest $20.1 million over two years to deliver the Global Resources Strategy. 

The Global Resources Statement will:  

  • encourage other countries to partner and invest in Australia
  • improve the global reach of Australia’s economy and boost our international competitiveness
  • draw together existing resources and programmes
  • access opportunities through international collaboration and support.

The statement builds on the government’s action plan set out in the National Resources Statement. Australia is striving to be the most globally attractive and competitive investment destination for resources projects.


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Promoting Australia’s resources sector to the world

Australia’s resources sector is world-class and a leading exporter of energy and resources commodities, serviced by a highly regarded resources technology sector.

We have an abundance of critical minerals, metals and emerging energy resources like hydrogen. This positions us well to supply and manufacture the advanced technologies and critical elements for electric vehicles, smart technologies and renewable energy systems.

Our world-class operations, abundant resources and reliable supply chains, means Australia can competitively supply countries all around the globe.

The Australian Government has invested significantly in our resources sector to support exploration, infrastructure, innovation and technology that improves our productivity and ensures a secure investment.

To prepare the sector for the future, the Australian Government is delivering a Global Resources Strategy.

The strategy will strengthen our resources exports, support R&D in new technologies and develop new partnerships.

A new Global Resources Statement supports these commitments by promoting Australia’s strong resources credentials as a partner for resources exploration, investment and supply that is reliable, responsible and ready for the future.

Australia offers partners a range of exciting investment opportunities, such as,

A resources sector that is technologically innovative, strong and resilient, and has underpinned Australia’s economic growth for decades.

Access to world-class R&D with a focus on Mining Equipment, Technology and Services growth.

Abundant mineral and energy resources with enticing exploration and development opportunities.

A global network of suppliers and expertise across a range of resources and energy sectors.

A gateway to rapidly growing Asian energy markets.

And a supportive government that is committed to expanding our global markets, trade and investment opportunities.

Australia is a reliable, responsible and ready for the future partner for resources exploration, investment and supply.

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