Academy Xi and the changing face of education

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Publication Date: 
November 2017
Case study from: Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation

Digital skills are in high demand by Australian employers, but keeping pace with this dynamically changing area can be challenging for conventional education institutions.

Conventional institutions frequently regulate curricula and have comparatively long lead times to update courses and material.

Recognising this situation as an opportunity, Ben Wong and Charbel Zeaiter founded Academy Xi, an edutech start-up focused exclusively on digital economy skills in areas such as service design, user experience design, augmented and virtual reality design, growth marketing and product management.

Academy Xi offers a wide variety of full-time courses, part-time courses, bootcamps, masterclasses and workshops for individual students and corporate group training. Their agile model means they can rapidly update subjects and course material as learning needs or content changes. Through their social impact arm, Xi Act, the start-up helps to equip non-profit organisations, including UNICEF, Remarkable, Cerebral Palsy Alliance and WWF, with digital skills. Investors agreed the company has strong growth prospects, providing US$1.7 million in funding in 2017 to enable Academy Xi to expand into Singapore in 2018. Academy Xi believes in empowering people with practical, actionable skills that will lead to improving life for others and, as their vision states, hopes to ‘ultimately change the world.’