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May 2024

Announcing the 2024–25 May Budget

The 2024–25 Budget includes measures to secure Australian industry, science and resources. Read an overview of our portfolio’s commitments.
May 2024 Critical Minerals Office

Investments to capitalise on Australia’s critical minerals and the global clean energy transition

As part of the 2024-25 May Budget, the Australian Government announced it will invest in a range of measures to secure our critical minerals processing industries.
May 2024

Investments to map Australian resources that will power our future prosperity

As part of the 2024-25 May Budget, the Australian Government announced it will fund Geoscience Australia to accelerate the discovery of critical minerals, ground water and other resources necessary for the net zero...
May 2024

New strategy outlines the future role of gas for Australia

The Future Gas Strategy is the Australian Government’s policy approach to gas supply, demand and emissions reduction over the medium and long-term.
May 2024

Helping small businesses through new Industry Growth Program grant opportunities

Industry Growth Program grant opportunities are now open for innovative startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Apr 2024

Leading quantum company chooses Australia as site for its groundbreaking utility scale quantum computer

Joint Australian and Queensland Government investment in leading quantum computing company PsiQuantum will boost our thriving quantum industry.
Apr 2024

New national centre to grow our quantum industry

The Australian Government has awarded $18.4 million to the University of Sydney to establish a ‘single front door’ for Australia’s quantum industry.

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