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Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs

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The northern agenda is harnessing all the region’s strengths and considers Indigenous Australians at the forefront.

A Northern Australia Indigenous Reference Group is determining the best ways to support Indigenous businesses and is a key advisory group to the government.

The Indigenous Business Sector Strategy will increase Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs’ access to business and financial support. It builds on the government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy, which is driving Indigenous employment and procurement on northern Australia projects.

Land and investment

Simplifying land arrangements in the north:

  • supports Indigenous economic activity
  • creates more certainty and opportunities for investors
  • increases the value and productive use of land

The northern agenda has committed $10.6 million over four years to support Indigenous land tenure reform pilots. The pilots broaden commercial development on land and increase business activity.

Austrade’s Investors’ guide to tenure in northern Australia explains systems of land tenure and native title in northern Australia. It also provides information on how investors can partner with Indigenous communities.

Township leasing is also helping to grow economic activity and intergenerational wealth in towns on Aboriginal land. A number of communities in the Northern Territory have negotiated township leases and are seeing the real-time benefits of economic activity.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission is providing networking opportunities for international investors and Indigenous land holders.

Consultants have assisted landholders to pitch proposals to international investors. Indigenous land holders endorsed a register of investment opportunities on Indigenous land. 


Australia’s clean, pest and disease free status is one of our greatest assets. It gives us a competitive edge in a global market that values quality and safety.

The Australian Government is investing $12.4 million to expand Indigenous ranger biosecurity activities in northern Australia.

Sixty-nine skilled ranger groups are now playing a vital biosecurity role, with many located along coastlines in very remote areas.

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Last updated: 13 September 2019

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