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Australians benefit enormously from nuclear medicine and research activities. 1 in 2 Australians will use nuclear medicine in their lifetime. With these benefits comes a responsibility to manage radioactive waste.

Currently, Australia’s radioactive waste is stored in more than 100 locations around the country. 

We need a single, safe, purpose-built radioactive waste management facility.

We’re considering 3 voluntarily nominated sites. 

Our community engagement is on-going and the facility will be located only where it’s broadly supported. 

We’re responsible for establishing a national radioactive waste management facility (NRWMF) under the National Radioactive Waste Management Act 2012.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and celebrate their ongoing culture and contribution to society.

See our concept design 

See a description of the concept design

Types of radioactive waste 

The NRWMF will permanently dispose of low-level radioactive waste and temporarily store intermediate-level waste. 

Low-level radioactive waste can include: 

  • medical laboratory waste such as clothes, paper, plastic, glass, equipment 
  • bulk materials such as concrete from decommissioned buildings and sites
  • soil 

Intermediate-level radioactive waste examples include:

  • residual waste from the production of nuclear medicine 
  • disused radioactive sources from industry and medicine 

Radioactive waste management involves the treatment, conditioning, transportation, storage and disposal of radioactive waste, including administrative, operational and safety-related activities.

Community consultation 

Community consultation is an important part of establishing the NRWMF. We seek community feedback and advice on a number of key aspects including:

  • site design
  • environmental monitoring
  • jobs
  • business opportunities 

We’ve held many community information sessions with talks from a variety of experts, including:

There are 2 community consultative committees who advise us regularly: 

  • Barndioota consultative committee 
  • Kimba consultative committee

Facility information  

We’ve developed a number of comprehensive information materials about the facility around cultural significance, technical operations and community benefits:

  • jobs at the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility
  • safety and security
  • selecting a site
  • why we need a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility
  • safely managing radioactive waste
  • site characterisation studies
  • heritage at Wallerberdina
  • heritage at Napandee and Lyndhurst
  • community development
  • agriculture at the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility 

See National Radioactive Waste Management Facility information to access this information.   

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Last updated: 22 March 2019

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