Australian SKA Office

We coordinate the Australian Government’s national and international involvement in the SKA project.

We ensure the SKA will deliver maximum, lasting value to the Australian public and research sector.

We work with communities near the site and SKA stakeholders on site preparation.

Roles and responsibilities

Australian SKA Coordination Committee

We coordinate Australia’s involvement in the SKA project through the Australian SKA Coordination Committee (ASCC) and Australia’s SKA Observatory (SKAO) Council representatives.

Supplying the SKA project

We support Australian businesses to win work supplying the SKA project.

Science Advisory Committee

We engage with the Australian science community through the Science Advisory Committee on key science issues affecting the project.

SKA Fellowships Programme

We provide opportunities to contribute to the design and development of the SKA through the SKA Fellowships Programme.

Australasian SKA Industry Cluster

We engage with Australasian industry through the Australasian SKA Industry Cluster.

Shared Sky exhibition of Indigenous artworks

We deliver public awareness activities such as the Shared Sky exhibition of Indigenous artworks from remote communities near the SKA sites in Australia and South Africa.