Chris Burnett
Industry Growth Program Adviser | Queensland

Chris Burnett is a CEO, board member and corporate adviser. After starting in the defence industry, he gained extensive experience as an entrepreneur, founding 5 companies and being CEO or chairman of over a dozen others.  

Since 2011 Chris has advised government and business across multiple market sectors. 

Chris has offered his experience as a commercialisation adviser for the past 11 years. He has worked with over 300 early-stage SMEs with novel IPs looking for government support. He has also helped over 50 of those companies navigate their journey across the ‘valley of death’ to commercial success.

Chris’s background incudes degrees in engineering, law and business. He is a: 

  • Chartered Engineer European Engineer Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Certified Chair (Advisory Board Centre)
  • Member of the Institute of Company Directors. 

He thrives on helping innovative teams build great companies.