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Research Report
Publication Date: 
July 2019

Updated: December 2020

Indigenous businesses are significantly contributing to the Australian economy and the improved circumstances of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their families and communities. Yet existing government business support services do not always meet the needs of Indigenous businesses or contribute to business sector growth.

The Supporting Indigenous Business Project identifies opportunities for government to improve the way business support programs meet these needs. The project aims to inform senior executives, managers and staff across the Australian Public Service who deliver these programs.

The project has conducted research over 2 phases.

Phase 1: 2018

This phase identified opportunities for government to address the challenges Indigenous businesses face and improve Indigenous business owners’ access to government support.

Read the report:

Download the Supporting Indigenous Business Project phase 1 report [2MB PDF]

Phase 2: 2019

This phase developed solutions to address opportunities our department could progress, and explored what the cross agency collaborative projects might look like.

Read the report:

Download the Supporting Indigenous Business Project Phase 2 report [992KB PDF]

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