Resources and energy major projects: 2023

Date published:
18 December 2023

Resources and energy major projects (REMP) is an annual review of major resources and energy projects in Australia.

The 2023 publication includes:

  • an update on project developments from November 2022 to October 2023
  • a list of major projects
  • analysis of the main trends and issues underpinning investment
  • estimates of the current and potential investment in the mining and energy sectors.

Changes to methodology

The methodology for the 2023 report has changed to:

  • improve the quality of the data 
  • provide a better basis for analysing trends in Australia‚Äôs resources sector.

These changes mean some data in the 2023 publication is not directly comparable with data in previous editions. This includes the overall investment figure in the 2022 publication. A revised figure is provided in the 2023 report.

The 2023 report includes changes to how:

  • projects are classified at different stages of development 
  • we report capital expenditure for early-stage projects. 

The report has more details on these changes in methodology.