This page belongs to: People strategy 2020–2022

Promote future ways of working

We will ensure our systems, policies and processes reflect the new ways we are working, while ensuring we have the right skills, attributes and capability that we need.

We will cultivate a culture that attracts and retains individuals with agility and adaptability who can help us navigate a substantial reform and change agenda.

We will respond positively to ongoing disruptive change. Flexibility and resilience will underpin the way we work as we adapt and maintain our influence as a department.

Key focus areas

Flexible workplace

We will foster a flexible workplace that allows employees time to balance their personal and professional lives, reduces workplace stress and improves productivity. We aim to provide the right support and guidance to our managers to manage their increasingly complex teams.

Workforce planning

The future of work is here now, and we will ensure our systems, policies and processes reflect our new ways of working. A future focussed workforce ensures we have the skills we need and that we can plan recruitment, capability and succession planning strategically.

Harnessing change

Our culture will foster organisational agility and adaptability, help us to navigate the Australian Government’s substantial reform and change agenda. Better access and use of technology will empower us to deliver better user-centred and responsive programs and services to our departmental clients and the community.

Key outcomes and actions

Everyone has the opportunity to design a work week that balances as much as practicable their job role and home life

  • Flexible Work Policy
  • Capability Development Strategy 2022-24
  • Supervisor Capability and Confidence Framework
  • Safety, Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2020-23
  • Review of online learning

The composition of our workforce meets the needs of our department

  • Operational Workforce Planning
  • Strategic Workforce Plan

Our workforce is adaptive and resilient

  • Dynamic Capabilities Framework
  • Outreach Program