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Case study: Our inclusion strategy

Our Inclusion Strategy 2021–2023 is a core initiative under Pillar 1 of our People Strategy.

It will progress results we’ve achieved over the past 3 years since our Inclusion Strategy 2017-2020.

The strategy aims to support an inclusive blended workforce and create a culture where all employees feel engaged, included and part of the culture. As our department adapts to new ways of working post COVID-19, this is critically important. It will underpin how we will work together to build a culture of collaboration, innovation and respect through our behaviours and actions.

It is a strategy by the people, for the people. We are committed to supporting and listening to all employees to create the most positive workplace experience for everyone. The Inclusion and Capability team consulted with employees, diversity networks and key stakeholders to ensure it meets our diverse needs and supports our shared goal of belonging and inclusion.