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Attract a diverse and high performing workforce

We will ensure that our employees are diverse, high performing and reflect the communities we serve.

Our employee experience will be aligned to our values, purpose, and future organisational needs.

We need to consider how the changing workforce and associated flexibility is expanding new labour markets and adapt our thinking in our recruitment practices. Being recognised as an employer of choice ensures we have the ability to attract the right skills to deliver organisational priorities.

Key focus areas

Enhanced recruitment offering

We will continue to attract the most capable and diverse employees we can in order to build the best workforce possible. Being regarded as an employer of choice will ensure we have the right skills at the right place at the right time, in order to deliver on organisational priorities. Our processes to attract people in a faster and more agile way means we can better respond to business needs.


We recognise the importance of diversity and openly value the different skills, knowledge and perspectives our employees bring with them. We understand and appreciate our unique work locations and their respective cultures. We will work collaboratively to create a unified, respectful culture across our regional and central offices.


Mobility in the public sector is one of the ways we effectively serve the Australian community. Mobility also offers employees short term development opportunities to further expand their skills and networks and leads to higher engagement and retention.

Key outcomes and actions

We have an efficient and proactive recruitment offering

  • Recruitment Reform Project design
  • Recruitment Reform Project implementation
  • Dynamic Capabilities Framework

We have a values-based attraction strategy

  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Attraction and Retention Strategy

All employees have an equal opportunity to participate, contribute and progress

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2019-2021 implementation
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Strategy 2021-23
  • Inclusion Strategy 2021-2023
  • Disability Confident Recruiter Status

Mobility is a key part of how we do business

  • Mobility Strategy