This page belongs to: Data strategy 2021–2024

Our blueprint for change

Current state

  • 1 in 5 employees have undertaken foundational data capability training. 
  • Many employees use data every day to meet our goals. They are supported by mature governance practices.
  • Executives support a data-driven culture, including through the Data Pledge.
  • Common understanding of data governance practices.
  • We store data securely and centrally.
  • Many ready-to-use data products are available for employees.
  • Data Analytics Framework guides best practice.

Major actions: 2021–2024

  • Implement 2020–21 Budget Measures, including the Modern Manufacturing Strategy and Data Management Energy, Emissions and Climate Change capability upgrades.
  • Offer more training and support (both online and face to face) to strengthen foundational data literacy and capability across the department.
  • Work towards data fluency, where employees use critical thinking to improve foundational data literacy skills across the department. 
  • Better promote Data Policy Branch services (including self-service options) ensuring employees can access the right data at the right time.
  • Make the DataHub more accessible and user-friendly.
  • Enhance secure enterprise-grade data tools in alignment with the department’s Digital Strategy 2021–23. 
  • Improve the use of location data in our department.
  • Review data governance processes (including certification) to ensure employees can find their data faster and that it reflects strategic priorities.
  • Use more automation and accessible analytical tools in alignment with the department’s Digital Strategy 2021–23.

Future state (2024 and beyond)

  • All employees have established data capabilities. Employees can access data training and support for their specific needs. 
  • We are data fluent – employees know how to use data and apply critical thinking to drive policy and program outcomes.
  • The right data can be found quickly and easily by anyone who needs it.
  • Employees understand what data they can use in their work. 
  • We use advanced analytics and visualisation, including data science, across the department.
  • We use automation for efficient data cleaning and analytics.
  • Data is a business-as-usual activity and drives strategic decisions at all levels.
  • We have made measurable progress against the key areas of this data strategy.