Corporate plan 2020–21

Date published:
1 November 2020

Our Corporate plan 2020–21 outlines our department’s vision, purposes and strategic priorities. It articulates who we are, what we do and where we are going.

The corporate plan outlines our:

  • operating environment
  • cooperation with other entities
  • vision and purpose
  • strategic priorities
  • capability
  • performance.

Our corporate plan at a glance

Our vision

Supporting economic growth and job creation for all Australians.

Our purposes

PURPOSE 1: science and industry PURPOSE 2: resources and northern Australia PURPOSE 3: emissions reduction and clean energy PURPOSE 4: energy markets PURPOSE 5: small and family business
Key activity 1.1.: investing in science, technology and commercialisation Key activity 2.1.: supporting a strong resources sector Key activity 3.1.: reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions Key activity 4.1.: supporting reliable, secure and affordable energy Key activity 5.1.: supporting small business
Key activity 1.2.: growing innovative and competitive businesses, industries and regions Key activity 2.2.: growing a stronger northern Australian economy Key activity 3.2.: developing clean energy technology    

Strategic priorities

We are helping to create a strong, modern, more resilient and productive economy that delivers long-term prosperity by:

  • unlocking Australia’s potential and creating jobs by building on our strengths
  • growing our economy by supporting a competitive business environment
  • creating a more resilient and outward looking economy that benefits all Australians.

Deferral note

We deferred publication of the Corporate plan 2020–21 until 30 November 2020 as a result of our extensive efforts to support the government response to COVID–19.

If you are having any difficulty accessing this document, please contact us.

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