Business research collaboration user-centred design project

Date published:
1 October 2017

We conducted research into the drivers and barriers for small to medium enterprises when collaborating with publicly funded research organisations between May 2017 and June 2018.

We have completed the Discovery and Create phases.

Phase 1: Discovery

The Discovery phase ran from May to July 2017. It examined the drivers for and barriers against business-research collaboration using the challenge statement:

What inhibits ‘collaboration ready’ businesses from collaborating with publicly funded research organisations?

This phase included:

  • desktop research
  • interviews with 30 businesses and other stakeholders across Australia
  • data analysis and reporting

Phase 2: Create

We completed the Create phase in June 2018, including ideation and concept testing.

This phase sought users’ ideas and views to develop solutions to the challenges of:

  • How might we market the benefits of collaboration and government collaboration programs already available to businesses?
  • How might we connect businesses with research opportunities?
  • How might we provide innovation skills development options for businesses?
  • In what ways could we encourage businesses to work together with researchers to solve shared problems?