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Jan 2024

The Australian Government’s interim response to safe and responsible AI consultation

Find out how community feedback will influence regulation of AI in Australia.
Jan 2024

New grant funding round open for industry-led research collaborations

Applications are now open for round 25 of the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Grants program.
Jan 2024

Grants of up to $15,000 available for young Aussies in STEM

The sponsorship grants fund young Australians to take part in virtual or in-person STEM events.
Dec 2023

$17 million to boost AI adoption by SMEs

The AI Adopt Program will fund centres to help Australian businesses adopt artificial intelligence (AI). Applications close 29 January 2024.

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Feb 2024

Funding for solutions using renewables and low emissions

$7.5 million in BRII grants to boost small business innovation. Applications close 3 April 2024.
Feb 2024

$14 million to help Australian businesses manufacture renewable energy technologies

The Australian Government has named the recipient of the Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre grant following a competitive process in 2023.
Feb 2024 Critical Minerals Office

$40 million to support critical minerals projects in Australia

International Partnerships in Critical Minerals grants will provide co-funding for Australian projects. Applications now open.
Feb 2024

New expert group will help guide the future of safe and responsible AI in Australia

The temporary group is part of the Australian Government’s interim response to the safe and responsible AI consultation.
Feb 2024

Success stories for quantum in Australia

From quantum computing capital raises to quantum tech in space, here’s a round up of achievements from quantum leaders.
Feb 2024

Towards a global quantum ecosystem

Australia and other countries have been progressing the global quantum ecosystem as part of the Multilateral Dialogue on Quantum (MDQ).
Feb 2024

Australia and Singapore show compatibility between AI governance frameworks

We worked with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and industry partners National Australian Bank (NAB) and Tookitaki to test both country’s AI ethics principles. The collaboration aimed to work...

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13 February 2024

Review recommends more ambitious and strategic action to increase diversity in STEM

The Australian Government has released the independent panel’s report for the Pathway to Diversity in STEM Review.
8 December 2023

2024 Elevate Program offers more than 100 scholarships to boost diversity in STEM

Scholarships are available for women and non-binary people to access more opportunities in STEM.
7 December 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Kiowa Scott-Hurley

Kiowa Scott-Hurley shares her experiences with art, coding, supercomputing and navigating the STEM workplace as a queer Aboriginal woman with a chronic illness.
13 November 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Deanne Fisher

Deanne Fisher leads a research team that uses telescopes across the planet (and in orbit) to study galaxies and the formation of stars.
9 October 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Verity Normington

From a mining area in South Australia to Geoscience Australia, geologist Dr Verity Normington's career path wasn’t always easy.
15 August 2023

Diversity in STEM Review draft recommendations: have your say

We’re continuing the conversation on diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Share your thoughts on draft recommendations before 8 September.
3 August 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Xia Hua

Dr Xia Hua is a mathematical biologist and senior lecturer at the Mathematical Science Institute at the Australian National University.
21 July 2023

The state of STEM gender equity in 2023

We’ve updated the STEM Equity Monitor with the latest data on women and girls’ participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
20 July 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Tich-Lam Nguyen

Tich-Lam’s journey took her from post-war Vietnam to COO of a major research centre.
20 July 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Sharine ‘Spanner’ Milne

Spanner is a motorcycle mechanic who uses STEM skills in her work every day.
20 July 2023

Women and girls in STEM: Cherie Davidson

Video game developer Cherie Davidson talks Gamergate, ADHD and why underrepresented creative voices are essential.
8 May 2023

Diversity in STEM: Let’s talk solutions...

We’re continuing the dialogue on diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Find out what people are sharing with us and respond to new consultation questions. Submissions close 26 May.