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Be inspired by the next wave of Australia’s deep artificial intelligence capabilities and their potential to shape our future at Techtonic 2.0.
Person standing in a field flying a drone in the sky behind her.

Techtonic 2.0 was Australia’s second National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit.

Australia’s second National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit – Techtonic 2.0 was live-streamed in June 2021.

This free online event featured a panel of local and international AI experts who explored the current and future potential of AI technology. Bringing together local and international AI experts, the event program included:

  • the AI potential in Australian manufacturing
  • the future of AI and what we can expect from the technology in the next 5–10 years
  • challenges organisations face in ensuring ethical development and use of AI
  • how to AI-proof our workforce
  • using AI to deliver better outcomes for regional and marginalised Australians.

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