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Are you part of in an international standards committee working on critical technologies? Keen to broaden your knowledge of Australia’s interests and learn how to better influence outcomes?

We are offering a Tech Standards Training Program to help standards makers:

  • understand how standards can impact the national interest
  • further develop skills and knowledge in areas of international negotiation, cultural intelligence and the geopolitics of standards

We want Australia to be at the forefront of new technologies. That’s why we’re supporting Australian experts to develop high-quality international technical standards. Our goal is to shape how we develop and adopt new technologies.

We want international standards for technologies on our List of Critical Technologies in the National Interest to reflect Australia’s interests and expertise.

Training on different topics will be on offer until June 2026. You can apply at any time to join the program.

Upcoming training

We’re running the next 2 training workshops ‘International Negotiation’ and ‘Cultural Intelligence’ online in May 2024. We may schedule more workshops based on demand. 

Both are highly interactive sessions involving practical and theory components. Leading experts in their subject areas will run the workshops. 

International negotiation training

This full day workshop will cover:

  • the principles of negotiation and influencing 
  • ways to negotiate and influence discussions for positive outcomes in international standards forums 
  • practising negotiation and influencing techniques in the virtual classroom
  • guided group discussion with other Australian standards makers, linked to your own experience and real case studies.

Cultural intelligence training

This workshop will run over 2 mornings and cover:

  • exploring one’s own and other cultural contexts, driving values and communication challenges
  • strategies to maximise effective communication in international standards forums
  • practising cultural competency skills in the virtual classroom 
  • guided group discussion with other Australian standards makers, linked to your own cultural experience.

About the training providers

Effective Negotiation Services
Effective Negotiation Services (ENS) partners with business and government to develop their clients’ negotiation and influencing skills. ENS base their methods in corporate psychology and focus on change in behaviour, leadership and long term outcomes.

ENS trainers will will tailor the International negotiation workshops to members of international standards forums. They come from a wide range of professional and commercial backgrounds.

Beasley Intercultural
Beasley Intercultural work with public and private sector clients to create cultural capability and build global workforce development solutions. It helps clients be more effective when working in diverse and global workplaces.

Beasley Intercultural’s cultural specialists will tailor the Cultural Intelligence workshops to members of international standards forums. They come from many backgrounds: cultural, professional and academic.

More support 

Our new Tech Standards Security Clearance Program also supports Australian experts setting international critical technology standards. We’re sponsoring and funding Australian Government security clearances to support information sharing between industry and government.

We have funding until June 2026 for security clearances. You can apply at any time to take part. 

Learn more or apply to join the program

Read the program guidelines to find out if you are eligible.