The Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan released as part of the gas-fired economic recovery

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14 January 2021

The Australian Government has released Unlocking the Beetaloo: The Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan to accelerate exploration and development of the Northern Territory’s Beetaloo Sub-basin.

The Beetaloo Sub-basin has the potential to rival the world’s biggest and best gas resources. The Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan outlines how we can realise this potential as soon as possible.

The plan is the first deliverable under the Gas-fired Recovery Strategy. It is the first of 5 plans to be delivered under the Strategic Basin Plans program announced in the 2020-21 Federal Budget.

The $224 million Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan sets out bold, innovative and cooperative actions. These actions will help us seize the opportunities presented by the natural resources in the Beetaloo.

The development of the Beetaloo Sub-basin has potential to:

  • create significant regional job opportunities
  • deliver cheaper and more reliable gas to households and industry
  • provide an additional source of gas for LNG export facilities
  • spur substantial downstream manufacturing opportunities
  • produce opportunities and benefits for local communities

The plan, which encompasses more than $220 million in new funding, sets out the priorities for the sub-basin development.

As part of the plan, the government will:

  • advance over $50 million to support $200 million of exploration activity before 30 June 2022
  • provide $174 million in new NT road funding to improve road safety, increase road reliability during the wet season and boost regional productivity

The government is ensuring development of the Beetaloo benefits local and Indigenous communities with jobs and business opportunities for the region.

The government has already invested $1.9 million to develop a Beetaloo Aboriginal Economic Development Strategy and $2.2 million to establish a Barkly Business Hub. We will work to identify the resource requirements needed to ensure positive outcomes to Traditional Owners from the development of the Beetaloo.

Work is already underway with the Australian Government, the NT Government, gas operators and local and Indigenous communities to ensure the Beetaloo is developed safely and sustainably.

By delivering reliable and affordable gas and creating jobs, developing the Beetaloo Sub-basin will help put Australia on the road to economic recovery.

Symbols depicting that the Beetaloo plan builds a clear picture of the sub-basin, enables infrastructure, regulates efficiently and effectively and shares regional benefits.

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