Thank you to the outgoing Chair of Innovation and Science Australia

Dr Alan Finkel AO, Chief Scientist and Interim Chair of Innovation and Science Australia, acknowledges the outstanding contributions made by inaugural Chair, Bill Ferris AC.
Photo of Inaugural ISA Chair Bill Ferris AC, ISA Deputy Chair Dr Alan Finkel AO, CEO of the Office of Innovation and Science Australia Dr Charlie Day and DIIS Deputy Secretary Mary Ann O’Loughlin.

Mary Ann O’Loughlin, Bill Ferris AC, Dr Charlie Day, Dr Alan Finkel AO

On behalf of the Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) Board, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding contribution made to the organisation by our outgoing Chair, Mr Bill Ferris AC, and thank him for his leadership over the last three years.

During his time as ISA’s Inaugural Chair, Bill has been a firebrand for innovation, science and research in Australia, overseeing a major review of the innovation, science and research system and the delivery of ISA’s 2030 strategic plan, Australia 2030: Prosperity through Innovation.

As a champion of cultural change in Australia, Bill has helped to create broad recognition that our future prosperity and jobs depend on Australia becoming a leading innovation nation.

Bill has given more than 30 speeches as ISA Chair including keynotes at the National Press Club of Australia and the AFR Innovation Summit in 2016, 2017 and 2018. He has also given more than 30 media interviews, including on Sky News, ABC News and ABC’s Radio National.

I am honoured to guide the work of ISA as Interim Chair as we continue to advocate for the key recommendations in the 2030 Plan, including the need to increase business expenditure in R&D (BERD) through a range of impactful direct incentives and support for our high-growth export industries. ISA will also continue to champion the case for the importance of innovation in driving productivity which drives GDP which in turn drives prosperity.

Dr Alan Finkel AO
Interim Chair

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