Futuristic central processor unit

The Australian Centre for Quantum Growth and Critical Technologies Challenge Program will help Australia stay at the forefront of quantum’s rapid development.

We announced these programs as part of the 2023-24 Budget. The new measures will grow Australia’s quantum ecosystem over 4 years by:

  • supporting collaborative research and development 
  • undertaking education and awareness activities
  • increasing international collaboration, export and investment 
  • demonstrating Australian capability
  • driving demand and uptake of quantum technologies.

We consulted on the $19.8 million Australian Centre for Quantum Growth in early July. 

We now want to hear your views on the $40.2 million Critical Technologies Challenges Program. Your feedback will shape program design and ensure it delivers for Australian industry.

Learn more and have your say at an online workshop on:

  • Tuesday 29 August – full
  • Wednesday 30 August – full
  • Thursday 31 August
  • Tuesday 5 September – new sessions added
  • Wednesday 6 September – new sessions added
  • Thursday 7 September – new sessions added.

Registrations for these workshops closed on 25 August.