Outcomes from Measurement Law Review consultation

Find out what people said when we asked how Australia’s measurement framework can be modernised, streamlined or simplified.
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We are modernising, streamlining and simplifying Australia’s future measurement laws.

The Measurement Law Review has been identifying aspects of Australia’s measurement framework that can be modernised, streamlined or simplified.

We looked at:

  • the scope of Australia’s measurement laws
  • measurement in everyday life
  • measurement assurance

The feedback we received has uncovered 5 key themes:

  • universal support for key components of the current measurement system
  • the desire for increased international harmonisation
  • a desire for an overall expansion of scope to the measurement system
  • the need for flexibility and the ability to adapt and respond to new and emerging technology
  • the suitability of principles-based regulation

Read the summary of our consultations on our Measurement Law Review page.

We’ve also published summaries of each consultation and targeted workshops with industry.

Next steps

The feedback from the consultations will inform the development of policy options for Australia’s future measurement laws.

Stakeholders will have further opportunity in mid-2021 to comment on the proposed reform options. This will happen before the Australian Government makes a final decision.

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