National Radioactive Waste Facility site: community ballot in Kimba

The rolls to vote in the Kimba community ballot are now open. Have your say about the National Radioactive Waste Facility site.
Minister Matt Canavan is seated at a large table in the Kimba Council chambers.

Minister Canavan meets with District Council of Kimba.

On 21 August, the District Council of Kimba announced the next stage in selecting a site for the National Radioactive Waste Facility. The Council will now move ahead with a community ballot.

Mayor Dean Johnson said that there is no legal impediment to the ballot going ahead to determine the level of community support as part of the site selection process.

“Council’s position has always been to facilitate the community ballot on behalf of the Minister so our community could have its voice heard,” he said.

“The Minister advised the ballots no longer need to run concurrently, so Council will post out the ballot papers on 3 October.”

Council will conduct the ballot in the same manner as scheduled in 2018. Eligible ratepayers and residents can apply for inclusion on the voters roll from 23 August until midday on 13 September 2019.

Mayor Johnson said that those who are on the South Australian House of Assembly roll for the Kimba local government area will be automatically eligible to vote.

“If you aren’t eligible to be on the House of Assembly roll but live in Kimba or own rateable property in the district, I urge you to speak to Council to check your eligibility to be included on the voters roll,” he said.

“It’s vital that every eligible member of our community gets to vote so the Minister can see the full picture and level of support for the facility in Kimba.”

At the same time as this announcement, the Minister, Senator Matthew Canavan visited South Australia to meet the communities nominated for the NRWMF.

The Minister met with a wide range of stakeholders during his visit, including the Kimba Consultative Committee and its Economic Working Group.

Owner of the ‘Napandee’ nominated site, Jeff Baldock, was happy to see Senator Canavan in town.

“It was great to see so many people with all points of view, ask questions about the opportunities that would come from this industry should it be sited here.”

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The community ballot is an important step in the process of selecting a site.

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