Business man holds a laptop and browses for information on the ICN Gateway website. He’s standing outside on a grass verge in front of a building.

The Industry Capability Network promotes opportunities for Australian industry in major projects and the service capabilities of Australian suppliers.

Funded by the Tasmanian Government, Industry Capability Network (ICN) Tasmania is helping promote local, national and international project opportunities for Tasmanian subcontractors and suppliers.

In the short time since re-joining the network in 2021, ICN Tasmania has advertised hundreds of millions of dollars of opportunities to Tasmanian businesses.

The ICN is Australia’s largest network of suppliers and projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Our department is a founding member of ICN Limited, the national ICN coordination body. ICN Limited, and its national IT platform ICN Gateway, support the Australian Government’s commitment to Australian industry participation. It does this by promoting opportunities for Australian industry in major projects and the service capabilities of Australian suppliers.

To see how ICN Tasmania is helping local businesses, staff from ICN Limited and our department visited Hobart-based business PFG. PFG used ICN to identify suppliers for customising its Sentinel tactical watercraft.

ICN Limited Chair, Derek Lark, stated: ‘The Board and I have been very impressed with Tasmania’s industry capabilities, especially across the advanced manufacturing, renewable energy and major infrastructure sectors.’

The Tasmanian branch is now established with a team of dedicated business, tendering and contracting advisers. They are helping Tasmanian businesses win contracts on major government and civil projects across the defence, construction, mining, oil and gas, rail and manufacturing sectors.

‘This is great news for businesses in Tasmania looking for new opportunities’, said Warren Jansen, ICN Limited CEO. ‘ICN is committed to supporting home-grown companies and has a national network of consultants to help link suppliers and opportunities’, Mr Jansen continued.

If you’re a project manager, get in touch with your local ICN office to find out how you can save time and money in the procurement process. If you’re an SME looking to expand your business, make sure you register your details on the ICN Gateway.